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Alumni Associations: Santa Clara University Alumni

The alumni association of the Santa Clara University was created in order to unite and support its graduate alumni and provide mutual benefits for alumni and their university. It organizes various activities to support a cooperative spirit among former students, faculties and current students.

Students of Santa Clara University established the association in 1881. It is one of the oldest alumni associations in Mississippi. Since then, the association keeps its traditions and performs its main function to build and strengthen the relationships among its alumni and university. Unlike the majority of educational establishment, the membership in this organization is absolutely free.

The Santa Clara Alumni Association provides for its members various services.

1. Alumni Audit program. This service gives alumni an opportunity to continue education in Santa Clara University. Alumni have a possibility to examine the undergraduate courses.
2. Alumni career center. It provides numerous programs for working alumni, as well as for unemployed alumni. Moreover, every alumni member can make his/her contribution to students' professional development while providing the faculty with the valuable information about the demands of a certain profession.
3. Alumni credit card. Using this card one can make his contribution to the Santa Clara Alumni Family Scholarship program.
4. Alumni Fitness membership. This membership provides alumni with a free access to a weight room, university court basketball gymnasium, aerobics classes and boxing equipment. Members also have an access to a university tennis court and pool. Moreover, members can also attend classes in power yoga, cardio athletic kickboxing and body conditioning.
5. As every alumni association, the Santa Clara Alumni Association organizes various campus events and provides alumni with the possibility to use campus facilities.
6. Kids on Campus Daycare. Alumni provides the daycare for children of the faculty staff. Alumni organize classes for 6 or 5 years old children where they can develop their self-reliance and self-esteem.

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