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Business Marketing - How Can I Best Get My Business Name in the Market?

I love it when business owners ask me questions about how to get their name out there into the marketplace.
How can I brand my company? How can I get my image out there? First of all, is this the question you want to ask? Would you rather have everyone know your business name or would you rather increase your profits? Would you rather have everyone know your business name or get people motivated to come to you and beg to do business with you? The quality of the question you ask impacts the answers you will find.
If you want people to know your business name, your focus is on branding or image advertising.
This is a very expensive and very ineffective way to market your business.
This is a great way to throw your money away.
This is traditional marketing.
It's tell-based marketing.
Tell-based marketing for me is the quickest way to go broke.
For example, there is a company the produces a very popular soft drink product.
They spend lots of money to remind me that they exist.
Every now and then they update their logo so I can take notice of them again.
But it's a waste of money.
I hate their soft drink products.
I'd rather drink radioactive tap water than drink their soft drink.
They are successful in getting their business name out there.
But they are not successful in motivating me to buy their product.
I know about their soft drink but I won't buy it and I won't drink it.
People don't care about your name.
They only care about finding solutions to their problems.
A better use of your time and money is to focus on offering solutions to people's problems instead of focusing your image.
Also, the goal of marketing is not to win a popularity contest.
The goal is to persuade people to take action -- to buy your product or service.
Floodlight vs.
Laser Beam
Image-based marketing which is what you are talking about when you ask "how to get your business name out there" is like using a floodlight.
You are spread out all over the place including places that don't need light.
You're trying to tell everyone who can fog a mirror who you are.
You are advertising anywhere and everywhere.
You're marketing to people who have no interest or need for your product/service.
You're also wasting a lot of money.
Ask-based marketing combined with direct marketing is like using a laser beam.
It is very targeted.
Your goal is to target those who have an interest in your product/service.
Don't try to tell everyone who you are.
Instead, focus on telling those who are in your market what you have to offer.
What To Do Here is the easiest and most cost-effective way for getting your business name out there: 1.
Identify your target market.
Describe your ideal customer.
Create a dialogue with your ideal customer.
Run an Ask Campaign.
Give a survey.
Find out what they want.
Create a product based on what you learn from your dialogue.
Create a compelling offer to market the product.
Sell your product to those you are in dialogue with.
Note: The easiest way to create a compelling offer is to first run an Ask Campaign to find out what your market wants.
Then use the language they gave you in the Ask Campaign to create a compelling offer.
You are then giving them what they told you they wanted and you are telling them about it using their own language.
That is very compelling.
Bottom Line If you lead with your business name and your company motto and your business card, they will ignore you.
Instead, focus on creating dialogue and solving problems.
If your marketing leads with the fact that you can provide a specific solution to their expressed problem/pain, they will be motivated to find your name and they will come find you even if they have to drive passed 10 of your competitors.

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