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Smallville Season 10 Super Spoilers

When those yes have been in San Diego Comic -Con This year happens hangover, have the generosity to share with us who no we go, the information that there have been wormed . In io9 have made a spectacular summary the spoilers for next season Smallville. And is that in which we know will be the last year , this incarnation of " Clark Kent on our screens , producers do not think a hair cut and will throw the house through the window. Yes, a warning. Some of these spoilers are truly spoileantes , so from this point proceed at your own risk.

* The Superman costume rojiazul will make his first appearance in the first episode of the season and will reappear later.

* Lois for the first time see Clark use his powers .

* Tess Mercer is alive, but visibly affected with scars on his face.

* Reappears Suicide Squad, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

* The season will be " the opposite "than before. Nothing in this darkness , apparently .

* Papa Kent appear in a sequence, we do not know if it is a memory, a vision or what.

* And best for last: confirmed the presence of Darkseid in this new season.

A Laura Mennell , We have seen Watchmen where he played Janey Slater, In addition to participating as in episodes of various series and the 4400, Fallen, Smallville, Eureka and Fringe. In the case of Malik Yoba.The actor starred New York Undercover Series that remained in effect for four seasons. Yoba was also one of the main Defying Gravity, Canadian production despite being well received and commented , was canceled in its first season counting a total of 13 episodes. Excellent integration , no doubt.

The truth , I Smallville I never finished convincing. However, if you have managed to stay for ten seasons on the airIs because he deserves it , though in a time now its fans have been a little less hardcore than usual.

Still, it seems that producers have taken advantage of this go on the crest of the wave and will be fired with one season in style .

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