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Job Anniversary Gifts

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      If you have a friend or co-worker who soon will be celebrating an anniversary at work, then give her a celebratory gift that lets her know how important her tenure has been over the years. Select gifts that you can present to the gift recipient on her work anniversary date, preferably at a party or a ceremony. Make her feel special, and honor the work she has done for the company.

    Commemorative Framed Photo

    • Purchase a frame with a wide mat, which is popular for wedding receptions. Co-workers can write messages on the wide mat. Encourage them to congratulate your friend on his many years of service and to specifically point out his attributes and the reasons why he has made your office a better place. You then can insert a photo of your work team, the business' building or a photo of your friend at a company event. This framed photo will be a special sentiment that your friend can hang in his office to remind him of how much people appreciate him and his efforts in the workplace.

    Personalized Cooler Bag

    • Purchase a cooler bag that you can embroider with your friend's name on it, and then stock it with your friend's favorite beverages. Consider water, soda, beer and wine. The possibilities are many depending on your friend's specific tastes. She can store the personalized cooler bag at the office---packed for an after-work happy hour---and can take it home to use on a weekend picnic or other outing. Include a note of appreciation, and wish your co-worker many hours of relaxation after putting in so many hours at work.

    Travel Anniversary Gift

    • For a big job anniversary, such as 25 or 30 years, consider awarding an employee with a "travel gift." This, of course, will be dependent on your budget. If you have enough money, you can plan an all-expense paid getaway weekend for two so that your employee can bring his spouse or a friend. If your budget is limited, then amend this idea to pay for a five-course meal for two at a local yet fancy restaurant.

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