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Discovery HD Theater: An Educational Television Experience

Television has many times been criticized as being an electrical box which captivates children into an addictive state of brain drain. The trash reality television programming has becoming more popular than ever in captivating audiences through set-up dramas filled with stupidities of the rich and famous. This may be the case with some newer forms of television programming, but the other side of the television spectrum uses technology such as the advancement of high definition to offer the audience a clearer picture along with a more intellectual message. A good example of this newer programming can be seen with the Discovery Channel's HD Theater.

In the USA and in many other countries around the world, the future will inevitably be decided by the world's younger minds. In today's technologically advanced and globalized age, children are spending less time in the free, and open natural environments, and more time using wireless internet on a laptop computer or watching images on a high definition flat screen television. It can be said that children today may know more about how the ecosystem functions in the Amazon rainforest than they do about the local ecosystem of their backyard. The issue is debatable, yet the improvement of HD television and the increase in cable, digital and satellite tv programming has tried to combat trash tv with interesting, intellectual, and visually captivating content.

As the most prominent educational programming company, Discovery Communications Inc. has revolutionized educational programming with the creation of Discovery Channel's HD Theater. The programming originated as a special high definition programming section of the company in 2002, and today is the most widely distributed high definition network in the United States. With a varied selection of television programming, the HD Theater incorporates several different networks such as Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery Health, and the Science Channel for wide ranging audiences. High definition television shows on these networks can include American Chopper for the middle-aged motorcycle enthusiast, extreme engineering for the high-school math nerd, Golf Escapes for the recent retiree, Rogue Nature for the outdoorsman or woman, HD Traveler for the cultural fanatic, Green TV for the college environment activist and Planet Earth for the whole family.

With such variety of educational entertainment it isn't much of a surprise that many children become both fascinated and absorbed by programming that enhances its quality and content by taking advantage of the new developments in technology. Today's television not only captivates younger generations but the older ones as well. As one becomes overtaken by the breathtaking beauty of the world seen on a HD satellite television it isn't hard to understand why many of the youth pay more attention to the exotic imagery on the television screen than to their mother's garden in the front yard. Understanding nature is one matter, however new television programming (such as HD Theater) has created a good blend of aesthetic natural imagery with practical scientific television shows. In fact, it won't be long before children start teaching their parents about certain environments and the complex but sustainable methods which can be used to preserve these environments.

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