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How to Add Tones to Electric Keyboards

    • 1). Open an Internet browser on your computer, and navigate to your keyboard manufacturer's website which will be named in the owner's manual.

    • 2). Browse this site for any link similar to "Tone Bank," "Music Data" or "Downloads" for your specific keyboard model.

    • 3). Download the software provided to help you with tone downloads, and download any new tones for your keyboard by following the download and setup wizards.

    • 4). Shut down your computer, and make sure that your keyboard is turned off. Connect the computer and electronic keyboard MIDI interfaces with MIDI cables. Turn on the keyboard and then boot up the computer.

    • 5). Start the software used for adding tones to your electronic keyboard. Click on the new tones you wish to add to your keyboard, and click "Add," "Move," "Sync" or a similar button to add the new tones to your keyboard.


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