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Radeon 9800 Pro Vs. 9800 XT


    • The Radeon 9800 Pro and XT are closely matched, as they were released only five months apart. The 9800 Pro is equipped with 128MB of RAM (although 256MB versions are available), and has core and memory clock frequencies of 380 and 340MHz respectively. The 256MB 9800 XT has core and memory clock frequencies of 412 and 365MHz.


    • The Radeon 9800 Pro and XT are available in the AGP form factor only. Examine your computer's motherboard to confirm that it has a slot for AGP video cards before purchasing either of these products. This can be determined by looking at the motherboard itself, or by consulting the instruction manual or manufacturer's website.


    • Both the Radeon 9800 Pro and XT are out of production, so it is only possible to purchase one on the second-hand market. You can find the lowest price by purchasing a used card, though unopened ones can still be found. Both cards can be acquired for approximately $45, making the faster 9800 XT a slightly better deal.


    • In benchmark tests, the Radeon 9800 XT confirms what would be expected: it is slightly faster than the Radeon 9800 Pro. Depending on the computer game that is being used for the benchmark, the 9800 XT provides a performance increase of about 4.5 percent.


    • Although the Radeon 9800 XT is the better choice if you are faced with selecting between it or the 9800 Pro, the performance difference between the two is not enough to justify upgrading to the 9800 XT if you already have the 9800 Pro. Consider overclocking your 9800 Pro instead, using the free utility ATITool. Overclocking overrides the video card's default settings, allowing you to set higher core and memory clock frequencies than what the card was originally designed for. Using ATITool, you may find that your 9800 Pro can equal or even exceed the default clock speeds of the 9800 XT. However, be warned that running computer hardware at higher speeds will cause it to produce more heat, which can shorten its life.

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