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As long as you're going to be thinking anyway, think big

Thinking is a never ending process which utilizes our energy. It can be classified in to Causal thinking and Serious thinking. Causal Thinking is the ones which we think a lot but never utilize our complete energy to it. It basically means thinking any random things which we are not certain or we are least bothered about its incidence. Serious thinking is the one which utilizes our energy and we are sure to get some results after such thinking. There are instances when our casual thinking gives us more returns than ever expected and serious thinking leads to nowhere. The only thing which we can learn from this is that you never know which thought of yours would become reality. Sudhir Moravekar, the chairman of Panoramic group, also once pondered over a casual thought of having his own business empire.

It was a casual thought first but when he found that actually he could do it went to a serious thought. What he did was he thought big and he made his thought in to reality. He has founded Panoramic group of companies and under the group he manages Pancard Clubs, Panoramic Universal Limited and Panoramic Holidays. Panoramic universal Limited is the company that manages Information technology and hospitality sectors. Information Technology sectors provide services like application software development and software consulting for small and midsized companies. Hospitality business includes managing hotels and resorts across India, United States of America and New Zealand. They have their hotels and resorts in popular spiritual cities like Shirdi, beach destinations like Goa, Malvan and Kerala and weekend gateways like Karnala near Panvel. They also have resorts for nature and wildlife enthusiasts like one in Kaziranga, Kanha and Pench. I'm sure that he never would have imagined when he started his company about building such a huge empire. But now he is the head of this multi-millionaire group. It should also been taken in to consideration, any people who starts growing in his field, there are people who keep on throwing hurdles in their way. Sudhir Moravekar has been accused in the past for showing profits from ghost hotels. He was also accused of money laundering. These accusations were never proved but these accusations shows how successful people are always targeted. Again the thought is what mattered here, since he didn't react to such accusations he was sure that let his work would speak for him. All these wouldn't have been possible if he didn't think about it.

The thing which we can learn from him is that casual thought could turn in to reality. It's not necessarily that all your thoughts need concentration, some deserves less but we end up thinking more on it. Its nothing wrong in spending your energy and time on every thought but you have to make sure that at least one thought of yours should become a reality. It can be much bigger than Sudhir Moravekar and his company Panoramic Universal Ltd(PUL), who knows, but only time will reveal the truth.

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