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Epilepsy Drugs for Children

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When Epilepsy Drugs Don't Work

In most cases, epilepsy medicines will work. Be patient. Sometimes the drugs take weeks to take effect. Your child may start a new medicine and have a seizure a few weeks later. This doesn't always mean the drug isn't working. There may not be enough of the drug in your child's system yet to have an effect.

So while it may be painful for you, especially if your child is suffering seizures, don't jump the gun and abandon a medicine too early. Talk with your doctor and give it time to work.

After giving the medicine a fair shot and it still isn't working, then talk to your doctor about trying other drugs. If your child does not respond to the first two or three treatments for epilepsy, Turk, at the Nemours Children's Clinic, says you should visit a specialist who knows more about treating epilepsy in children.

"You don't have to accept epilepsy," Turk says. "You don't have to resign yourselves to years of seizures without other options."

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