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How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend"s Attention - Ways to Jog Her Memory and Win Her Back Quickly

Are you going absolutely crazy wondering how in the world are you going to get your ex girlfriend back? There is no point crying over spilt milk and regretting your boorish behavior and mistakes that put her off you.
The trick is to go about getting her back.
These tips will help you to be successful in winning her back.
Have a plan and put it into action Don't sit around waiting for something miraculous to happen or for her to suddenly look at you in a different way because that is not going to happen! You will have to have a plan and decide how you are going to put it into action.
This is the first step and will help you to be positive and confident about getting her back.
Don't do anything that might snap all ties For heaven's sake don't do anything that might make her feel like breaking up with you was the smartest thing she could have done! If you are rude, mean, nasty and sarcastic - you will only prove that she was right about you! Take care not to snap all those fragile ties that do exist between you.
Be gentle and subtle not rude and brash Every time you meet her make sure that you are gentle, polite and friendly so that she begins to wonder if you really are the same person! Even if she tends to treat you badly and ignores you - don't retaliate and get all riled up! Have immense patience and try to win back her trust.
Show her that you are more than capable of being successful The fact that she thinks that you are a loser does not really help! You have to make her change her mind about you.
Let her see that you are really capable of being successful in every way.
Look happy, cheerful, busy and above all attractive.
Once she notices that there is a change - she might start to get interested in you again.
Make her wonder what you are up to It helps to make her curious about you.
If you are an open book and look at her with lovesick and adoring eyes - she will not give you any attention and in fact try to avoid you.
But on the other hand, if you start to behave in a manner that completely contradicts what she is expecting of you - you will manage to grab her attention.
Make her curious and you will get her in the end.
The right attitudes will help If you do get a chance to apologize for all the goof ups in the past - she will be touched at your courage to do so.
Not many men will be willing to own up unless they are determined to get back with the woman.
If you feel she is worth it - go ahead and take responsibility for the breakup.

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