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When Someone Deceives You Do You Forgive?

It's a fact everyone at some point in time will be deceived by someone they care for.
Although you think that person could never do it twice, think again, it does happen.
You may be the most influential person in your group, but still you are being deceived.
You have to wonder what was I thinking when I said yes to this person.
But whether you know it or not, it's a test of character.
When you continue to fall for people that take advantage of your good nature, you will continue to be disappointed because they don't care about you.
They could tell you 100 x's that they didn't mean it but then they do it again.
When will you learn to turn away? Forgive and move on So that person broke your heart, now what? Do as Jesus would do.
Forgive them.
Learn from it, move on.
You acn't beat yourself up for being trustworthy.
You are kind and have a kind heart, there is nothing wrong with that.
Find someone who is good and that is right for you as a friend or partner.
For God loves you so much that it breaks His heart to see you in emotional turmoil.
Too much time is spent and wasted on people that just continue to take advantage of your good nature.
Take a breather Sometimes you just have to sit back, be alone and take a breather to see what happened and reevaluate the situation.
It's your time on earth to do what is right for you.
It's also a great time to pray and ask God for direction.
Since He is just waiting for you to ask.
He wants the best for your life on earth, don't waste it crying over someone who doesn't look out for your best interest.
Seek God in this and you will see that He will help you understand yourself and why things happen they way they do.

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