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Three Common Mistakes Made by SEO Companies

The nature of internet marketing can be compared to that of the weather; it is constantly changing and unpredictable. SEO specialists need to constantly check for updates and keep up with them. Hence, it can be safely said that, in spite of being a technological matter, SEO or virtual marketing is beyond basic theories of science and mathematics. It is a dynamic process that is open-ended and known for its ever-changing style.
With such dynamism in the virtual world, it is likely that any internet marketing firm is always prone to mistakes and errors. However, these minor errors are enough to affect a client's brand image. As a brand manager, while knowing the positive aspects of effective SEO is essential, learning about negative effects is equally crucial.
Listed below are a few vital methods that a search engine marketing services provider should avoid:
Black Hat Techniques
Many companies have been using online marketing strategies that are unacceptable according to industry norms and are unethical. These are known as black hat techniques. Using these techniques will not only create a bad impression of the brand; but, if detected by engines, it can also lead to the website being banned or flagged as spam.
Graphic-Heavy Websites
While designing a website, it is essential that it holds aesthetic appeal and reflects the brand image. However, going over the top with Flash presentations and heavy images may actually lower rankings on search engines. This is because a graphic-heavy website may be low on essential, informative copy and search engine crawlers only recognize data in the form of content, not images.
Avoid using graphic headers and navigation bars and use keyword-based text instead. Use content extensively and only use pictures where necessary. In the case where showcasing images is an integral part of your marketing strategy, add an €ATL' attribute to them to ensure better ranking.
Scripting and Coding
Coding is the back-end of the website, and content-based keywords are often considered to be irrelevant there. On the contrary, using the main keywords in Meta tags can help the website rank better.
Along with coding, scripting is another thing that any SEO company needs to be careful about. Crawlers do not recognize VBScript and JavaScript. So, avoid using them; or, if needed, locate them in separate files and do not connect them to your HTML tags.
With the help of SEO service providers, use these guidelines to avoid basic errors and create an effective online marketing campaign for your website.

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