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Microsoft"s free migration tools come at a not so free cost

Is your business ready to make the switch to Microsoft Office 2010? Then I'm confident you're thinking about using Microsoft's free tools to prepare and plan the deployment.

In order to assess the IT environment of businesses for the migration, Microsoft provides some free tools and services such as Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) or the Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM). Not only that, but they offer an Office Customization Tool and Microsoft Deployment kit which IT professionals can use to help with managing the process.

Let us start by stating some of the benefits of using the MAP tool for Office 2010. The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit analyzes your environment and figures out whether the systems are ready for the deployment. It does this in three phases: first comes the inventory of technologies, then a compatibility analysis is undergone and then it's the reporting phase. This is all done automatically. You can use these planning and assessment tools for desktop, server and cloud migrations.

OMPM helps software professionals assess the compatibility between older Office formats (.doc, .xls, etc.) and the newer OpenXML documents (.docx, .xlsx, etc.). You can prevent issues with broken files - a common problem with migration - and avoid lowering productivity by using OMPM.

Technically speaking, Microsoft's free tool set is not really the efficient way to go, since it demands your IT personnel to go through all of files twice€"scanning and converting each of them to Of¬ce 2010. Moreover, they require IT to open and scan ¬les individually, after the migration process is complete, in order to make sure there are no errors.

To speed up the entire process, more and more companies are becoming invested in the idea of using more effective tools, such as ConverterTechnology's OfficeConverter 2010. This application requires IT to scan files once, and deployment is automated. This allow your IT experts to organize and tend to errors faster, and provides businesses with a competitive edge in the migration process.

If your company wants to migrate both the OS and the applications, Microsoft offers the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), which is useful in planning and managing the deployment. Alternatively, ConverterTechnology's Migration Readiness Suite provides complete solutions to help enterprises with Windows readiness assessment and even upgrades. You can use components of the suite independently as well as a part of a complete project methodology. You get everything from Executive Dashboard, Project Execution and Management to detailed reports. ConverterTechnology offers a complete, automated, software solution that can effectively reduce deployment risk factors and shorten the Windows deployment process.

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