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Green Design


Reclaimed materials, responsibly sourced woods, hand tools, all these factors and more can contribute to beautifully-crafted, sustainable furniture.

Floor Coverings

This is one product category where green can mean many things, from all natural fibers and those made from recycled soda bottles to natural dyes and backings. This is also a big area for socially-conscious design decisions as many companies go to extra efforts to ensure their partner factories do not employ child labor.


Tile is one of the great ways to incorporate a bit of the natural world into your home. Options like stone, marble, granite and slate can add drama and elegance and form a bridge between the indoors and out.

Textiles & Home Decor

From products crafted by hand, with eco-friendly materials or with causes in mind, there are many ways to outfit a home with good-natured products.

Organizations & Trade Groups

Organizations and trade groups of note with a focus on green living and design.

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