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The music industry is a highly competitive, ever-changing market chocked full of dreamers, talent, aspirations and even shattered hopes. If you are an aspiring musician who just wants to know how to get a record deal and make it in this industry then read on. You and I both know that you have invested thousands of hours, studied for years, learned as much as you can, strengthened your creativity and probably invested many dollars into your music career. In addition to that, you have probably networked, developed a fan base and promoted yourself or band to no end. Now, the question you are asking is why don't I have a record deal?

Unfortunately, in this industry, as little as one factor or one mistake can cost a musician their chance at a record deal. If you want to know how to get signed then you must first realize that signing someone is a huge risk for a record company. The whole concept behind how to get signed revolves around making yourself not only attractive but valuable to record label.

Being in the right place at the right time doesn't always constitute a record deal. I am sure if you are active in trying to achieve your dream then you have been in many right places at many right times. You may have even spoken with record labels about a record deal. But have you noticed that they never specifically tell you why you are not being offered a contract? It would be much easier if they would just be honest and point out the exact flaw. If it worked that way then flaws could be fixed and a record deal would be signed.

Generally, the record company just stops calling or stops returning emails without a solid explanation. When you are the party trying to figure out how to get signed, this does not help you one bit. What you need to realize is what happened here...The record label was obviously interested or they would not be in contact with you. They odscfvddd bviously already saw something in your music because they found you. Your press kit passed the test so why couldn't you seal the record deal? You see, the record companies are looking for the complete package! This is what the record company is looking for, so ask yourself these questions before you truly know how to get signed:

1. What is your overall potential value related to the band as a whole and all of its members?

2. What is your amount of manageable risk in investing in the band's career?

3. What is the quality and quantity of existing proof regarding the two questions above?

The music industry and how to get signed is much more complex then can ever be written in one article. But the point here is that knowing how to get a record deal is know that the industry is measuring risk and values and then proof of those two things. For each band, it is going to vary. If you are consistently missing out on a record deal then you need to take a step back, examine at what point interest is lost and then try to improve or revamp that particular area. If a label is talking to you, then they must already be interested in your music and your style or they wouldn't be there. It is something deeper that your band may be missing and it is up to you to pinpoint and correct it so you can get the record deal you've always dreamed of.

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