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Making Small Talk With A Woman - It Can Lead To Bigger Things

There is a good reason for wanting to learn how to make small talk with women and that is, it can end up leading to bigger and better things. You can take that one small interaction that you have with a woman you are attracted to and end up leading it into going on a date with her if you are able to play your cards right and make her feel like she really likes being around you. Now, here is the catch, though. Most men don't seem to be as skilled at making small talk with a woman as they think they are or would like to be.

Since it is such a good skill to have, these tips might help you get better at turning a conversation into something more with a woman you like:

1. The first objective that you should have when talking to a woman is to try and build some rapport with a woman.

Until you can make her feel as though you and her really do have a good amount of rapport with one another, the best that you are going to be is an acquaintance of hers. So, you really want to make a point of trying to use small talk as a way to begin building rapport with a woman. If you can do that, then yes, bigger and better things might be coming your way.

2. It's always good to showcase your ability to make her laugh when she is around you.

Dull conversations seldom lead to a woman feeling attracted to a guy. It might happen that way every now and again, but if you want the odds on your side, then you need to stay away from dull conversations. A good way to make sure that she doesn't feel like talking to you is dull and boring is to make her laugh a little. It's also a pretty good way to make her feel rapport around you as well.

3. Being able to take that interaction and lead it into a situation where you can get her number is also something that you want to be able to do.

If you are out in public and you happen to see a woman you like and you start up a conversation with her, chances are good that it's only going to last for a little while and then she is going to be on her merry way and you might never see her again. That's why it is always a good thing to try and use that conversation to lead into a situation where you can get her number so that you can talk to her later on and hopefully, be able to keep building on that rapport and attraction that might be there between you and her.

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