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It"s All About Functionality - The HP iPaq Hx2750

The PDA market is increasingly impressive in today's market; HP is no exception with their latest release of the HP iPaq hx2750.
Even though this is one of the bigger PDA devices available, it has numerous applications and technologies, including a fingerprint reader, to make users lives easier and more secure.
Business users and consumers alike can find everything they need in the new iPaq hx2750.
The standard operating system, for this unit, is Windows Mobile for Pocket PC (2003 Edition), which provides users with numerous desktop applications (Pocket Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player) - right at their fingertips.
Additionally, HP has integrated ProtectTools, Credant, and VPN- and WEP enhanced security for a higher level of security on your new PDA.
The backbones, of the iPaq hx2750, offers stable performance with its Intel 624MHzXscale processor and 128MB RAM, along with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Serial IR connectivity.
HP ensured that there was plenty of memory on this pocket PC, with 192MB of available memory.
It doesn't stop there; however, CompactFlash and SDIO / MMC slots are easily accessible for additional storage.
Many PDA's have short battery life spans, between charges.
However HP implemented their SpeedStep and Wireless MMX technologies to prolong battery life, for users.
These technologies also increase multimedia performance.
The iPaq hx2750 operating system is Microsoft Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003 Edition.
With this OS there are many applications already installed and ready to use: Pocket Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player 9.
Security, on this unit, is high.
HP integrated the ProtectTools software, VPN- and WEP-enhanced security, along with the fingerprint reader which uses Credant security software - all of which provide the utmost security to their users.
For quality performance the iPaq hx2750 runs on an Intel 624MHzXscale processor and 128MB RAM and also has WiFi, Bluetooth, and Serial IR.
As great as this all sounds, there is a minor setback with the price of the unit - averaging around $549.
The sticker price, on the iPaq hx2750 makes this PDA more accessible by the business market rather than typical consumers.
There are a number of options, for PDA's, on the market that consumers can fit into their budgets a little easier than this one.
HP integrated their SpeedStep and Wireless MMX technologies in hopes in increasing the battery life, between charges, on the iPaq hx2750.
Unfortunately it does not appear as though this has happened.
The longest stretch of battery life appears to be around 4 1/2 hours.
This is only if wireless and all other applications are turned off.
Granted, the battery life on any Pocket PC is not extensive.
PDA's vary in size, but typically, are bigger than a typical cell phone.
The iPaq hx2750 measures in at 4.
7" x 3" x 0.
6" and weighs around 5.
8 ounces.
In addition, that rubber grip that helps to grip and protect the phone, adds to the overall size of the phone.
All-in-all, this pocket PC is not one of the smallest out there, and by appearance alone, appears to be a bit bulky (not so much that it is obtrusive).
HP continues to build and introduce great products, and they have not stopped with the introduction of the iPaq hx2750.
The technologies and features, available in this unit, are unbelievable, and are a great buy for those who need a PC that can fit in their pocket.
Even though it appears that this unit was designed for the business world, consumers can benefit as well.

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