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How to Plan a Boy Baby Shower

    • 1). Offer to host the baby shower; if the mom-to-be agrees, sit down with her, select a date for the event and write a guest list.

    • 2). Set a budget and select a location and theme for the baby shower. Go for an uncommon theme that matches the baby's parents, like surfing. Or go for the fantastic with a Mad Hatter Shower.

    • 3). Purchase invitations, a centerpiece, a welcome sign, blue paper lanterns, twine, party favors, balloons, streamers, plates, napkins and utensils. Hang the blue lanterns around the room from the twine. Make signs out of poster board that say "Drink Me" and "Eat Me" to hang from the different foods and beverages.

    • 4). Fill in the time, date and place of the baby shower; mail the invitations. Be sure to include a map so guests have no problems reaching the party.

    • 5). Select party games. You can make small diapers out of blue cloth. Put a dab of mustard in the middle of one diaper and pin them all closed. Give one to each guest as they enter. The guest with the dirty diaper gets a prize. Or divide your guests into two groups. One team will try to change dolls' diapers while the other team sprays them with small water guns to mimic baby boys at diaper changing time. The mom-to-be should stop the time as soon as the last member on that team finishes diapering the baby. The teams then switch roles. The pair that finished first is the winner.

    • 6). Plan a menu for the event that plays off of the color blue and the word baby. Make beverages by mixing blue raspberry syrup and lemon-lime soda or blue Kool-aid with pineapple sherbet. Serve food like boneless baby back ribs, baby red potatoes, blue cheeseburgers and glazed baby turnips and carrots.

    • 7). Make mini blue velvet cupcakes with cream cheese and lemon-blueberry muffins for dessert.

    • 8). Rent tables and chairs or ask a family member if you can borrow them. Call people who failed to RSVP and ask if they will be attending so you can verify your guest count.

    • 9). Create a checklist to make sure you bought ice, tape and other items needed.

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