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Blast Away Fears And Become Irresistibly Attractive

Most guys waste their whole lives waiting for permission.
They see a cute girl, and think they need some kind of obvious, engraved invitation to go over and talk to her.
Then when they're alone with her on the couch, they halfway expect her to look at them in the eyes, and say something obvious like, "OK, you can kiss me now!" Most guys grumble with their friends about girls that they are dating, or trying to date, with a common complaint of "I don't know what she wants.
" As if women are supposed to tell us what to do, and we do it, and are rewarded with some sweet loving.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.
Men are the seducers, women are the seduced.
If you wait for her to tell you what she wants, you're going to be waiting a long, long time.
Why? Number one, most girls have no clue what they want.
Number two, even if she does have an idea of what she wants, she's likely to be too terrified to look any guy in the eye and say it.
You think you're scared of rejection? Girls are absolutely HORRIFIED at the thought of asking a guy to make a move, and then get shot down.
Guys are hard wired to get shot down again and again, and keep going.
It may not feel like the best thing in the world, but we get over it.
Girls, on the other hard, are hard wired to think getting shot down is DEATH.
If you're waiting for her to give you an engraved invitation, you might need another game plan.
You DO need another game plan.
Your job, as a man, is to simply make a move, and see what happens.
If it works, great.
If it doesn't, do something else.
Girls are NOT attracted to guys who sit around and wait for somebody to come and hold their hands.
They ARE attracted, irresistibly and unconsciously attracted, to guys who simply grab their balls and make a move.
In fact, if you simply approach a couple of cuties, not to number close or anything, but just to have some playfully flirtatious conversion, pretty soon every pair if female eyes in the place is gonna be on you.
Waiting and hoping that you approach them next.
Will you? I know, walking up and talking to cute girls can be terrifying.
In fact, it's probably the scariest thing a guy will ever do.
Which means if you find a way to blast through those irrational fears that are keeping you are your bar stool, you will become the most sought after male around.

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