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Statistics shows that Toyota Camry is making good sales figures.
This is a confirmation of what has been predicted last January during the launching of said car.
The predictions include the breaking of Chevy Impala's 450,000 sales.
Toyota Camry is still considered hot and enviable.
Camry, the best-selling car from Toyota is defending its title by moving a notch higher on the sales chart.
In fact, Toyota's car production can meet the challenge thrown to it by the automobile industry.
Last July, Toyota Camry made a record of 41,892 sales more than the combined sales of Nissan Altima and Pontiac G6.
Further, Camry is selling more that its predecessor with no incentives or rebates to draw in customers.
Moreover, customers are rushing with wallets splayed without any hesitation.
Car aficionados, basing on the sales results, are not entertaining any qualms to give in to the newest price transaction of Toyota Camry.
It can be recollected that Camry offered a $22,378 starting price.
Nowadays, Camry is priced at $22,378.
The new price list for Camry was released last April.
Up until now, the price is embraced by many without any hesitation.
Dealers have rushed to Georgetown plant in Kentucky to avail of the 10-day supply of the redesigned Camry.
For this reason, said plant is running overtime with accompanying weekend shifts to cater to the expected vehicle production.
Further, sales executives are begging the plant in Japan to export more of Toyota Camry.
Camry was first launched with the Toyota Celica Camry in the year 1980.
It was primarily designed as a 4-door sedan however it has also been available as a 5-door hatchback, station wagon, and 2-door coupe.
Camry has undergone several redesigns and the most recent was done in Toyota's Georgetown plant.
Toyota Camry parts which have been used in the 2007 Camry has also been refined to create a more sophisticated look and performance.

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