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Casting Shadows of Reasonable Doubt

Whether a person is innocent or guilty of crime is a decision that is left up to the courts.
Through the process of collecting evidence investigators and prosecutors build their case against an individual who is accused of committing a crime.
Under the law every person that is brought up on charges or arrested is presumed innocent until they are proven guilty by due process.
For anyone who has been arrested or detained by the police it is important to their case and very possibly their freedom, to hire an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer who can tear apart the case against them.
Sifting through the evidence and alibi of defendant and interviewing witnesses in the case, a good Atlanta criminal defense lawyer will cross examine every accusation against their client and work to cast a reasonable shadow of doubt on the accused individual.
By every legal means possible a defense attorney is responsible for seeing to it that the people they represent are provided with the best defense against the prosecution of their client's case.
Whether an individual is guilty or innocent is for the judge and jury to decide.
Not the media, not the police, and not the general public, but the court appointed members of the jury who are either 100% convinced of the guilt of the defendant or can see the shadows of doubt that will allow a person to walk freely on the streets of Atlanta once more.
Through the work of their Atlanta criminal defense lawyer a number of people that have been arrested and accused of a crime have been freed because they hired the right attorney to defend them.

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