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Jewelry Pieces for the Wedding

Your wedding jewelry will mostly help not just your wedding gown, but you as well. There are different wedding jewelry pieces that will complete your wedding accessories and they are your necklace, bridal earrings, bracelet and your wedding ring. Your wedding ring is the most important wedding jewelry you will wear so a lot of couples take a lot of time and consideration when choosing this valuable jewelry. When it comes to the rest the wedding jewelry, it is also necessary because they are the accessories, the bride cannot go without.

There are certain rules however, when it comes to choosing and wearing the right jewelry pieces. For instance, there are different types of bridal necklaces. Brides cannot just simply choose a necklace just because she likes it. She will need to consider her wedding gown first, before she can decide on the type of necklace she could wear. Choosing the right type of necklace is crucial since you do not want your necklace and your gown battle for attention.

When it comes to finding the right earrings, your choice will depend on the shape of your face. A button earring matches a round face, dangle earrings can widen a narrow face, a squared earring adds interest to a long face. And if you are wearing a tiara, you may choose not to wear earrings. If you are not going to wear your bridal necklace, your choice of earrings should be larger to balance your look. But if your necklace is large or grand, choose Swarovski crystal bridal earrings that are simple and elegant.

For your pearl bracelets for brides, you can choose to wear one even if your wedding gown is short-sleeve, three-quarter sleeve gowns or sleeveless. Some brides even choose to combine wearing their sleeveless with their gloves to create a dramatic accessory. However, their gloves should be over tight-fitted ones to create the right effect, but not a lot of brides can appreciate this style. If you choose to wear a watch, do not just go with the ordinary one. If you have a family heirloom or an antique watch that is suitable to your dress, then you can wear it with your gown. If you do not have such item, better not wear one since they are not appropriate wedding jewelry for both brides and bridesmaids.

Choosing to wear a tiara is another option. If you want a complete feel like a princess, wear a pearl hair jewelry. But if you do wear one, make sure that the rest of your wedding jewelry is simple. You can wear small pearl earrings together with a simple necklace or you could just let your tiara be the focal point of attention.

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