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Study Overseas Singapore - Top 6 Reasons for MBA

Since most B-schools abroad require work experience from applicants. Most of the MBA programmes are one-year programmes and students are admitted on academic record, rather than entrance tests.

Overseas education Singapore [] has advantages due to the following reasons:

1. Quality of Educational Institutes

Singapore has some of the best educational institutions in the Asia-Pacific Region. The Overseas education Singapore education system promises a global experience that draws from the latest and the best in knowledge from around the world.

2. Affordable education

Study Overseas Singapore [] is one of the most economically viable alternatives if you wish to pursue your international education. The total expense of the fee and living costs in most educational institutes compare favorably with institutes offering MBA in India and range between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 15 lakh only.

3. International batch-mates

In Singapore you will have students from more than 30+ countries as your batch mates. This enables you to take advantage of the rich inter-cultural environment and excellent global networking opportunities.

4. Work Permits for students

Students have permission to work for 16 hours a week while pursuing studies, to support themselves economically.

5. Job Opportunities

Singapore is the Asia-Pac regional headquarters for most global organisations and is therefore a hub of major economic activity. There are 26,000 international companies in Singapore where students can look forward to excellent professional networking as well as job opportunities in one of the best business environments in Asia.

6. Safety

Singapore as study overseas destination is the safest city for students. The government of Singapore has a non-tolerance policy towards drug abuse and ragging in campus.

International MBA: Making the decision of overseas education Singapore

You can also apply for a PR status in 2years and settle down in Singapore. The process of applying to an institute abroad requires the students to choose the right universities and institutes which suit their profile, be it academic or professional, request for application forms, prepare for group discussions, gear up for personal interviews, keep a track of dates and send completed forms with required documents. This whole process is not only exhaustive but also very crucial to procuring the right MBA in the right institute.

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