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Motorcycle Accident Claims

Having an accident on a motorbike is a lot more traumatic than having on in your car.
The injuries can also be a lot more severe.
With a car you have the obvious protection of your seat belt, air bag and the frame of the car.
I had a motor cycle accident in my early twenties when I was travelling on the back of my boyfriend's bike.
A car pulled out and didn't see us at all.
We were both thrown from the motorbike about fifteen metres.
Stupidly that day I had chosen to ware a short skirt.
I immediately regretted that as I had severe tarmac abrasions all up my legs.
My boyfriend was in full leather which saved his skin so his injuries were minimum.
My boyfriend had reservations about me travelling on the back with my skirt and tights on.
But every week he would give me a lift when I was wearing leather or jeans and nothing happened.
So the one summer evening I took a chance and wore a skirt the worst happened.
The women who caused the accident admitted she did not see us and told the police the same.
This was vital evidence for our compensation claim and made the case run quickly and smoothly.
I had never heard of compensation claims at the time and it was only my boyfriend at the time who was an American that told me we could claim back for the injuries and the cost of new leathers and crash helmets.
Once a crash helmet has been in a crash it must be renewed.
Within a week of the accident we went and saw a solicitor with all the details of the accident including the police report reference number and the details of the women who caused the accident.
We used legal aid to fund the personal injury claim and within 4 months we received money for all of our expenses.
These expenses included our money to replace our damaged leathers and clothes, money to replace our crash helmets, money to touch up the scratches and damage to the motorbike.
We were also compensated for the pain and suffering we went through.
All in all we were repaid for everything and more so it was well worth going through the legal system to claim for compensation.
Nowadays there is no legal aid available for personal injury cased.
This has been replaced a Conditional Fee Agreement which is better known as 'No Win No Fee'.
With the 'No Win No Fee' agreement you can make a claim without having to make an upfront payment for the services of the lawyer.
The legal costs are paid by the party responsible for the negligence or their insurance company.
If in the event of the case being lost then there are some options available.
Some lawyers have relationships with after the event insurers, which means that the legal company with provide an insurance policy.
Most companies won't charge a premium for this although it worth checking as some companies might expect you to pay the premium.
It is important to remember that with the 'no win no fee' agreements the lawyers are effectively working for nothing and just relying on their judgment that they will win the case, so in other words get paid for their work.
They are not likely to take on a case they think they won't win.
If you are wondering if you might be entitled to compensation ask yourself the following question.
Have you have suffered an injury which wasn't your fault in the last three years?If you answered yes then you will be entitled to compensation and it is your civil right to do so.

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