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How To Make A Girl That Is Sexy As Paris Hilton Like You

What's the difference between Paris Hilton and that boring looking late-thirties librarian in your local suburban library? Well the difference is one is sexy, good looking, rich and popular and the other isn't.
But most importantly, what are the similarities? Nearly every girl has the same desires.
Just like everyone wants to be rich.
If you want to attract the girl of your dreams, you have to give what they want! All girls have one common thing that they want! If you know what girls want, you can have any girl you want! Want a chick that is even sexier and more hotter than Paris Hilton? No problem! Nothing is un-attainable, just like anyone can be rich.
You can even make the girl do what ever you desire and dream! All you need to know is to do, is give what they want! So what do they want? It's simple.
What girls want is security.
Why do girls wear make-up for or have surgery to change their look? Or how about girls who need to climb up the social or work ladder doing things that they are uncomfortable with? It's because they feel insecure.
We all see it everywhere.
In the workforce, on the streets, everywhere! Wearing make-up make them feel secure because it makes them less uglier than other girls.
Girls climb up the work ladder as it provides them job and financial security.
If you provide that security or have that security, you can make any girl like you.
So what makes them secure or feel secure? All you need to do is ask them! The answers they give you may surprise you!

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