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How to Replace a 2004 Chevy Impala Windshield Washer Pump


    • 1). Kneel beside the front passenger-side tire and note the inner fender well, or splash screen, which is most likely covered in debris, and the bolt attaching the fender well to the inner bumper.

    • 2). Remove this bolt using the socket wrench and tuck the fender well behind the tire, uncovering the cavity housing the windshield-washer tank and the washer pump.

    • 3). Unplug the power cord feeding the pump and the delivery hose attached to the bottom pump nipple.

    • 4). Grip the pump in both hands and pull it free of the windshield-washer tank tabs. Move aside the inner bumper for extra room to work if you need to.

    • 5). Insert the head of a pick under the washer grommet and pry the grommet off.

    • 6). Pull the grommet off the new washer pump and insert it into the windshield-washer reservoir.

    • 7). Insert the shoulder of the new pump into the grommet on the washer tank.

    • 8). Attach the power cable and the delivery hose to the new pump.

    • 9). Close the inner fender well and replace the bolt attaching the fender well to the inner bumper.

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