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Small Gas Grills - Small is Better - Tips For Buying and Caring For Your Small Gas Grill

If you are deciding to buy a small gas grill (well it is that time of the year again).
  There a few things to bear in mind.
One of the main reasons people buy small gas grills is because the space they are going to be grilling in is limited.
So the obvious first thing to do is measure the space you have.
  Small gas grills are used on patio's, veranda's, small balconies, and courtyard gardens.
  So stand in that space, give your self extra to move around the grill and then you will have a fair idea of what size you are really looking at.
Now another reason people like a small grill, is because they can easily be transported to a friends or the park or the beach.
  I say easily but that is only if they fit into your car.
  So the next thing to do is measure that space.
Finally have a think about where you will be storing your gas grill when not in use.
No, you really shouldn't leave it outside all year round.
  Keep the storage space in mind when buying also.
After you have invested in your gas grill, make sure to buy a cover for it.
This will extend the life greatly, as it will protect it from the elements and extremes of temperatures.
  It really is worth it.
Now the boring bit is that you do have to clean it after use.
That is, if you really want to get value for money.
Keep it clean and shiny and you will get years out of your grill.
Oh yes, and be sure to use the cover, they do not work very well when left in the packaging.
And finally, remember a gas grill doesn't have to be for summer only.
  You can have great fun all wrapped up on a cold winter day, sitting outside enjoying health grilled food.

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