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How to Build a Hunting Dog Truck Kennel

    • 1). Lay the piece of 4-by-8-foot plywood on a flat surface. Measure the piece of plywood into four different 3-by-2-foot sections. Measure two additional 2-by-2-foot sections of the plywood. Use your carpenter's pencil to mark the lengths to remember where to cut. Use the circular saw to cut the sections that will make up the sides of the box.

    • 2). Grasp the 2-by-2-foot pine boards and cut four 24-inch-by-9-inch and four 2-foot sections. Also, cut four 12-by-9-inch sections with the circular saw. The newly crafted pieces will be used as the side and base supports of the kennel. Ensure all the boards are cut straight.

    • 3). Screw four of the 24-by-9-inch boards to the side of the 3-by-2-foot plywood sections. Leave a 1-inch space near the end of the boards. Attach these pine boards to the other three 3-by-2-foot sections of plywood. This structure will give you a box without a top or bottom.

    • 4). Place one pair of the 2-foot boards and 12-by-9-inch boards along the edge of the 2-by-2-foot plywood sheets. Insert this frame into the back of the box that is open. Screw the boards into the created box sides with wood screws.

    • 5). Cut a 2-inch board using the remaining 2-by-2-foot piece of plywood material. Ensure you do not cut through the edges of the sheet. Place the 12-by-9-inch and 2-foot boards along the edge of the sheet to create a border. Attach this section to the front of the box that is still open. Screw into the wooden sides with screws.

    • 6). Use the jigsaw to put a small hole in the center of the last inserted section of plywood on the box. The hole should be about 12-by-8 inches to give your dogs enough room to climb out and to allow the remaining section of plywood t fit over it. Screw the door hinge to the 12-by-8-inch section of plywood and to the left side of the hole edge. Place an eye hook on the right side of the door and a latch on the right side of the hole edge. This mechanism will allow for easy door locking when placing the dogs in the kennel.

    • 7). Drill a few holes an inch or so in diameter into the top and sides of the plywood. to allow air to enter and exit the box. Paint the kennel with an exterior-based paint and sealer if desired. Allow 24 hours for the box to dry before placing it in a truck bed.

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