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How to Mend a Broken Friendship

    • 1). Practice empathy. Broken friendships often occur because of misunderstandings. Your friend's behavior was likely because of the problems in her life and not a wish to hurt or use you.

    • 2). Write him a letter about what you're feeling. Let your anger go but explain to him why you feel wronged. Writing helps you get your thoughts in order.

    • 3). Mark a date on your calendar when you'll approach your friend. Prepare for it the day before with meditation, physical exercise, aromatherapy or whatever relieves your stress.

    • 4). Stay calm when patching up a broken friendship, no matter what happens. Anger clouds your vision and inhibits communication.

    • 5). Forget your pride and apologize, even if you've been wronged. She may not even realize she treated you badly. Or if she does, she may have been scared to make the first move.

    • 6). Relive good memories together. Nothing mends a broken friendship better than shared positivity. Remind each other why you've stayed friends for so long.

    • 7). Accept that not every broken friendship can go back to the way it was. You've both grown during your time apart. But it's worth maintaining good friendships even if they're not as close as before.

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