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Transmission Codes for Chevy Blazers

    • If your Chevy Blazer is not working correctly, you can use General Motors trouble code numbers to help diagnose the problem. The code numbers are read via a scan tool plugged into the vehicle diagnostic connector under the instrument panel. According to AA1Car, for some code numbers the same number may be used for different faults on different model years or models. After you've figured out the code, further testing must be done before repairs are made, AA1Car warns.

    P1500 and P1600 Codes

    • P1521 is defined as transmission engaged at high throttle angle. P1527 is transmission range/pressure switch comparison. P1623 is transmission temp pull-up resistor.

    P1700 Codes

    • P1700 is transmission MIL request. P1701 is transmission MIL request circuit. P1740 is transmission torque reduction request circuit. P1760 is transmission control module supply voltage interrupted. P1792 is ECM to transmission control module engine coolant signal.

    P1800 Codes

    • P1800 is ECM to transmission control module engine coolant signal. P1812 is transmission over temperature condition. P1815 is transmission range switch-start in wrong range. P1819 is transmission range switch out of range, possible no start. P1820 is transmission range switch A voltage low. P1822 is transmission range switch B voltage high. P1823 is transmission range switch P voltage low. P1825 is transmission range switch A, B, C and P signals invalid. P1826 is transmission range switch C voltage high. P1845 is transmission gear ratio output circuit. P1868 is transmission fluid life. P1870 is transmission component slipping.

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