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How to Form a Dance Crew



Learn the moves. Whether you are a professional hip-hop dancer, a trained ballet performer or have never attempted a single dance move since your high school prom, there is always room for improvement. Before you even think of dancing with others, you must be able to dance alone. But with rhythm, passion and the courage to mess up, you can succeed.

Embrace the style. Hip-hop is more than music or dance; it's a way of life. You must give yourself over to the culture and the ritual, from the way you dress to the way you think, you must eat, sleep and breathe hip-hop. If dancing is an expression, you want to make sure you're expressing the right emotions.

Search for other dancers. With the abundance of online communities, it's easy to find local dancers with similar styles who might be interested in forming a crew. However, finding interested parties is only the first step; it'll take a lot of time and effort to decide who fits together the best.

Search for other crews. If you have trouble forming your own crew, find other crews in your area. Crews don't always stay together forever, and if they're looking for new members, take the opportunity to audition. If you're new to the hip-hop scene or the dance scene in general, joining an experienced crew could be the best way to learn.

Choreograph your act. While some dance crews have an elected leader, many don't. In the end, the crew's performance is a collaborative effort. Each member must be willing to compromise; dancing as a group is a completely different animal than dancing solo. A dance crew's act should be fluid and harmonious, yet it should also accentuate each individual member's personal strengths and talents.

Battle. A dance crew is not complete without a good battle. Whether your crew battles on the streets or in an organized competition, your hard work and dedication can only be proven on the dance floor in front of other crews and spectators. Win or lose, your crew will learn from its mistakes and never look back.

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