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Knowing Your Value Can Increase Your Worth

For years I organized and coordinated major sporting leagues and the like for thousands of players and the head of the company I worked for had lost their previous director to illness and found that none of the work had been done for the new season and I offered to fill in.
Given my expertise in organizing large events, my knowledge of sports and my logistical skills, I was asked to take on this feat.
To me of course, it was a joy and a great opportunity.
I knew what to do to get the job done and I did it especially well.
I was of 'value' to others.
In my recent years I spent a small bit of time with a colleague who was going through a period in his life where he could not see the point of going on.
That time spent allowed him to see what was already there but unnoticed, he saw the difference he was making and how he could even make greater contributions and he has since become a considerable asset to his company.
Many of you I suspect have had encounters with people that gave them hope and inspiration to do things they might never have done.
You will never know the turning here or there a person might take simply because of their interaction with you.
Everyone has value to contribute.
And when you are present to the value you are you attract to your life equal or greater value.
Suppressing or diminishing your value robs you of the life you could be living, one more closely aligned with your long held desires.
Value could be measured by the need another might have of you.
A person who just keeled over from a cardio vascular spasm and being the only person around, you would and could be of tremendous value to that individual whether it was to call 911 or resuscitating them yourself.
Most people are not aware of the value they are and the fact is it goes far beyond what people generally know.
The feeling of self worth is often lost in the day to day doings of life.
Though to someone looking from the outside, a person clearly possess tremendous value to perhaps millions of people yet sight of it has vanished because most of their attention is now focused on other areas of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
One need has long been achieved and another feels emotionally missing; perhaps I have all the money I need and yet I still don't feel loved.
I would suggest that whenever you are feeling a low self esteem or the joy of living has diminished, try the following practice, one my wife and I take time out for two or three times a year.
It's a short and joyful exercise.
You might find that your sales or attraction to new friends and lovers increase as you do.
To become more keenly aware of the value you are, make a list or share with your partner, all the value you see in yourself.
What does come up for many is to diminish their value as they perceive it as insignificant.
Consider that if you do that you undoubtedly have higher expectations for yourself, a wonderful thing to realize.
I have done this exercise with many people over the years and I will tell you that with a little imagination you could list hundreds of things, both large and small, for which you are of value.
Now there is a huge difference between knowing conceptually your value and being present to it.
Knowing how to treat a snake bite is a lot different than receiving that deep appreciation of the mother of the child you just saved.
Getting in touch with your value puts you in another state of mind.
Being in the optimal state of mind on the championship course works and as beneficial is living your life in an optimal state of mind.
Be clear about this and you might find your monetary worth increase as well.
Your kind words or actions have far greater effect than you might imagine.
Now that you have done this you can also add it to your list.
Next time you happen to find a person in need of getting in touch with their worth, be it centered on their love life, their business or life in general, well you can quietly have them get present to the value they are.
Here is an item that most people fail to recognize, that go beyond the obvious.
You can spread feelings of happiness and joy to others with your positive remarks and praise and for this you are an unlimited source.
When you see and live out of the value you are, others are provided the same opportunity.
You are of great value, be grateful, joyful and generous with it.

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