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How to Tell If Your Spouse is Lying to You - Ways to Know Whether They"re Being Honest

Understanding how to tell if your spouse is lying to you can save you from months and even years of uncertainty.
No one wants to believe that the person they married isn't being honest with them, but unfortunately that's sometimes the case.
If you suspect your spouse is being dishonest with you and it's causing you continual anxiety, that's not healthy.
There are some signs in their behavior that may indicate that they aren't being as honest with you as you'd like.
Learning how to tell if your spouse is lying includes recognizing some subtle clues in their body language when you two are discussing the subject in question.
One very small gesture that a person often makes when they are being dishonest can be difficult to miss if you're aren't looking for it.
Often, when someone is telling a lie, they will unconsciously touch their face at the same time they are speaking.
It can be something as understated as them running their finger along their eyebrow or touching their nose.
It's thought that people do this to cover up their lie in a physical sense.
Virtually everyone who does it isn't even aware they are doing it.
Another way to tell if your spouse is lying is to pay attention to how calm and cool they seem.
There's a misconception that whenever a person lies and is confronted, they will fly off the handle and overreact, accusing their accuser of attacking them.
The reality is that when a person lies repeatedly they become very good at it.
They'll likely appear very relaxed and calm, even if you confront them with specific details of what they're saying.
If your spouse seems too emotionally in control given the circumstances, the reason just may be that their lying to your face.

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