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The Great Joe Montana - Wow!

Hall of Famer Joe Montana played for the San Francisco 49ers beginning in 1979. At Notre Dame Joe Montana was their star QB. In 1982, 1985 and 1990 Joe Montana was named the Most Valuable Player of those Super Bowls making him the only player in NFL history to accomplish that feat.

Montana has first noticed and recognized in 1980 as potentially one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game. By winning 4 Super Bowls and earning the 3 Super Bowl MVPs, there is not much debate that he is the greatest QB in NFL history. As a high-school senior in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, Joe Montana nearly accepted a basketball scholarship at North Carolina State University.

New Eagle, Pennsylvania, is a borough in Washington County, which is positioned in the west part of PA. This is where Joe Montana was born. This town is actually located about 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh and is known for having a large population of coal miners. Theresa and Joseph Montana are Joe's Mom and Dad. He was interested in sports at an early age. Montana started to play youth football when he was just eight years old, aided in part by his father. His father first introduced him to football. He began playing football at the age of eight, even though his father listed him as a nine year old so that he could meet the requirement of the league's minimum age. Montana spent his first two years on the high school football team as a backup. Along with football, Montana was also interested in basketball and baseball. While at college at the prestigious Notre Dame, Joe successfully obtained a Business Administration degree and a Marketing degree.

Joe Montana has been married three different times. Joe married Jennifer Wallace in 1985. They met while on the set at a Schick commercial. Jennifer was a model and actress at the time she met Joe. They have four kids. Their names are Nathaniel Joseph, Nicholas Alexander, Alexandra Whitney and Elizabeth Jean.

Hall of Fame Coach Bill Walsh often called said, "Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback today, maybe the greatest quarterback of all time."

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