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TEXTBROKER.COM: A WEBSITE REVIEW is a marketplace for unique, original and exclusive written articles created to the specifications of buyers. is a website wherein freelance writers can earn money writing website content. They offer a variety of topics and it serves as a nice place for a new freelance writer to start getting some work.

When compared to a host of other writing sites, succeeds in its simplicity. There is virtually no advertising or gimmicky hustle on their front page. The site is straightforward as it has a parallel design. One side is for the clients to log in and access information, and the other for the authors or writers.

As a freelance writer on, you benefit from an unbelievable number of orders with a wide variety of themes. There is the freedom to choose assignments that appeal to your own personal knowledge and expertise, write to the clients' specifications, and get paid. Very straightforward.  Also, navigation on the site is pretty easy. You can also generate a relatively large income in a very short while. Your income is determined by your quality ratings. The higher you improve on your ratings, the more access you gain to orders with increased quality requirements and higher payment levels. Your work is regularly reviewed and rated by an independent editorial staff. Your quality level is also determined by the average rating of your most recent texts. And as a result of this, you always have the possibility to improve your skills and, subsequently, your quality level and earnings.

Membership on is free. Although the site is only open to legal citizens or residents of the United States. One good thing about is that you do not have to write lengthy articles. Most client requests are usually for 150-250 word articles. When you couple this with higher than average payment per word, it means you can easily turn out 2-3 articles in one evening and make a quick $15 or so.

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