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When Twins are born there is usually a difference of two or more minutes between them and mostly they have the same lagna and hence making out the difference becomes somewhat difficult.
Our institute has found in its research that persons born at the same time and place have difference in their destinies because of their family background but twins have even same parents and hence share the same family background then how to make the predictions about them? Where we recognize such minute details and work on them, even scientists are not able to properly define time twins (two persons born at the same time and place), a Prof.
Ivan W.
Kelly (Department of Psychology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada) and another, Prof.
Geoffrey Dean (a scientist from, Perth, Australia) conducted a study on astrology the results of which were published in an article titled, " Time Twins, The Definitive Test of Astrology" in the "Journal of Consciousness Studies" (10, no.
6-7, 2003) that they observed difference between children born on the same day.
This is evidenced by the excerpt, " time twins are surprisingly numerous.
The spacing of human births in a large population is described by a Poisson distribution, which shows that every year in a city of a million people about 4,000 pairs of time twins are born 5 minutes apart or less.
" But as Astrological Research Centre is basically a research institute and we keep all the horoscopes of our clients well preserved with us and when we study them in different ways we find that whereas one child is healthy, the other is diseased, if one is good in studies, the other is not and many other such differences remain there.
Our institute has about 9- 10 pairs of twins' horoscopes whom we regularly give predictions.
Our research goes to show that some difference is effected by the change in the degrees of lagna at the time of birth, which causes a consequent change in the power of planets and the bhava degrees and together with it, planetary degrees also change.
For instance, if a child is born with 18 degrees of Aries as his lagna while the other twin is born after 10 minutes with 21 degrees of Aries as his lagna when Sun is on the 5 degrees of Aries remaining in the lagna in the bhava degrees and for the other the position of Sun will change to that of the 12th or the house of loss and hence will give likewise results.
Hence first child will have his lord of education Sun in lagna exalted and hence will assure good education whereas the other child will not have good education because lord of the fifth house Sun is placed in the 12th the house of loss and hence will cause loss and hence will cause loss related to education.
In the same manner, suppose if the power of the Sun is also low then it will cause difference in progress.
If Mars as lord of lagna and 8th house is placed in the 9th the house of fortune in Sagittarius at 5 degrees then first child will have good health but as there is a difference of 10 minutes in the birth of second child and hence his lagna shifts to 21 degrees of Aries.
Mars will shift for him to the 8th house in detailed calculation (in bhava degrees) therefore the second child will have blood related problems.
Hence whereas on method is to do the most detailed calculations the other is that its shadvarga (six divisional charts) and ashtakavarga are also calculated.
Shadvarga means dividing the lagna in six different ways in equal parts and then each part is allocated a sign, based on which the six divisional charts are drawn, in which one portion ranges from six pal to 12 pal or 2.
5 minutes to 5 minutes and is able to work out difference to that minute an extent based on which difference in results can be worked out for children born with a gap of two or more minutes.
In this same manner, predictions for even twins can be made (this method was developed by the founder of our institute Late Pt.
Raja Ram Shastri).
In the same way it can be developed further but the problem is that the time of birth should be extremely accurate.
Third method is that there is difference in the Varshphal (one-year forecast) for twins and hence it should also be studied.
But the problem today is that in astrology if you write about your research in some book or reveal it in some astrological conference then all the astrologers started claiming the credit for the research.
In his book, "Jyotish Ka Adhar Sambhog", the founder of Astrological Research Centre Late Pt.
Raja Ram Shastri writes that the real time of birth of a child is the one which is the time of conception but as it is not possible usually to know it hence the time when the child leaves the womb is taken as the time of birth and the calculations are based on this time alone and if that time is also not known accurately then it is difficult to make predictions.
Another important principle, is a Surya Siddhanta (Solar Principle) in which the rays of the Sun form the basis of the calculation which change in even lesser time than one pal whereas in Indian astrology there astrologers are doing Zodiac forecast in which one complete sign is assigned the same results or people born in one month are assigned the same results there the one who makes his calculations from the rays of the Sun will be declared as wrong by these so- called astrologers.
Hence as it comes to be known that twins have different destinies our institute not only accepts this fact but also gives predictions for these twins.

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