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6 Surefire Ways to Satisfy a Woman in Bed!

Do you wish you knew some secrets on how to satisfy a woman in bed? Many men do this when they feel a lack of confidence and experience.
Understanding what your woman wants in bed can be difficult.
Whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction or just don't seem to last very long, you're probably left feeling embarrassed after sex.
Well, there is some good news: it's possible to learn how to satisfy a woman in bed if you follow certain techniques! Here are some secrets for performing better in the bedroom: 1.
It's important to find the G-spot.
Many men don't realize it, but it is possible to over-stimulate the clitoris.
After a few minutes of stimulation, the clitoris needs a break from being rubbed or licked.
For this reason, you need to become better acquainted with her body.
The G-spot is usually located on the topside of the vagina, about two inches in.
Hook your fingers up when inserting them to hit that spot, and begin to thrust into that spot over and over again.
Don't be afraid to ask her what she likes.
She won't think less of you for having to ask - in fact, she'll appreciate the fact that you're willing to communicate in bed! Also, offer to experiment with her to find out which position and pace works the best for both of you.
Let her know that you're up for just about anything! 3.
Make a connection with her.
For women, sex is more than just a physical act.
Keep eye contact with her, especially when she orgasms.
Some women like it when you talk dirty to them, and others like it when you whisper sweet nothings to them.
Also, touch her all over during sex and, for heaven's sake, kiss her!! 4.
Go slow until she tells you that she wants it faster.
Don't go in too fast, or you'll only over exhaust yourself and leave her unsatisfied.
This is also true during foreplay.
Furious fingering or licking will only make her feel uncomfortable.
During intercourse, let her decide whether or not to speed up and when.
Try as many techniques and angles as you can.
Try from the side, from behind, on top, on bottom, and every other angle possible.
Find the position that seems to give her the most pleasure and go for a steady pace! You can speed up when she's close to an orgasm.
Do PC muscle exercises to strengthen your ability to last longer.
Try to last for more than two minutes.
It can take up to ten minutes for a woman to have an orgasm, so make an effort to last longer than you usually do.

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