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The Type of Nice Guy That Succeeds With Women

Basically there are two types of nice guys.
One is happy with his relationships with women and the other...
well he needs work...
a lot of work.
Most guys unfortunately fall into the second category at some time in their lives.
I've been there too and it sucked.
SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO? There's a long and short answer and I'm going to be the "nice guy (A)" and give you both.
From now on, I'm going to refer to them as Nice guy B and A.
The short answer is that Nice Guy B is nice because he's afraid, and A is nice because he wants to be.
That's it.
That's the main difference between the two.
But when you dig deeper you'll find that it's so much more complex than that.
NICE GUY B As I said before, nice guy B is afraid.
He wants to please people and he thinks that by being nice he'll accomplish this impossible goal.
He'll let people walk over him with minimal resistance, and when it comes to girls he's a complete doormat.
If you're in this category you might not see it this way, but it's true.
Either you're a doormat or an emotional tampon, and both aren't desirable by any women.
One thing that B has to understand is that when you try and please everyone you please no one, especially not yourself.
Girls find guys whose only purpose is to please them as unattractive.
Nice Guy B will spend money he doesn't even have on girls.
He'll pay for expensive dinners, take them to movies, buy them jewelry, and anything they ask for.
He'll also be at their every beck and call.
He's there when their having problems with their friend, and he apologizes for everything even things that aren't his fault.
He'll set aside things that are important to him just to tag along with the girl, in the hopes that it will somehow lead to sex or a relationship.
He'll also be happy to receive any kind of recognition of his efforts.
A hug, a thank you, or the infamous "oh your so sweet.
"In the end, nice guy B only ends up in one place.
He gets thrown into the friends' zone.
His destiny is to watch Nice guy A take the girl he's been relentlessly pursuing and coddling for weeks or even months.
This might even happen after he's somehow managed to start a relationship with the girl.
Then he wonders why A is successful.
So he logs on to the internet, and finds out the shocking truth below.
NICE GUY A The truth is that nice guy A took B's girl because he was nice.
Ironic isn't it?But he wasn't nice out of fear; he was nice because he enjoys being that way.
He's not trying to please anybody.
It makes no difference whether he's talking to a supermodel or an old guy in the park, he does it because he wants too.
A is confident, he has a backbone, and he knows what he wants.
He's not afraid to tell a girl No, and they respect him for it.
He also takes girls out and even pays for them when he feels they've earned it.
Earned is the key word here.
Nice guy A makes girls work for his time.
This isn't because he's cocky or arrogant it's because he knows his time is valuable.
He makes a girl validate herself to him and convince him why he should be with her, and not the girl behind her.
A has options because the friends' zone isn't an option for him.
He pursues the girls he wants, and if it doesn't work out (which it rarely doesn't) then he moves to the next.
He's not trying to add notches to his belt or pepper his ego; he simply knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it.
Nice guy B is afraid to escalate with girls for fear of losing them, but A doesn't hesitate.
He's not afraid to touch girls or flirt.
He's also not afraid to be dominant and take a girl back to his place when he knows she's ready.
In fact, he feels that it would be a disservice to both of them if he didn't take charge.
Nice guy A also never apologizes unless he's completely in the wrong.
If a girl is angry with him, he'll try and talk to her but if it doesn't work than he'll let her know that the conversation is over until she's calmed down.
In the end, nice guy A has one outcome.
He gets the girl.
He wasn't afraid to go after the girl that he wanted.
He showed,without effort, that he wasn't a doormat but a rock.
He's the guy that every women "worth having" wants.
This either lands him in healthy long lasting relationships, or with memories from a night to remember.
WHAT DOES "A" and "B" STAND FOR In this example, A stands for Alpha and B stands for Beta.
Nobody wants to be the beta guy.
It's not a fun position, and anybody who's been there can testify to this.
If a beta guy does end up getting the girl, the relationship never lasts long.
The girl will eventually leave him in search of an Alpha.
Girls may say that they want a nice guy.
You've heard it before.
Girls will complain how men are dogs and they'll pray for some nice guy in shining armor to come and whisk them away.
But girls don't really know what they want.
They may want a nice guy, but they also want an Alpha guy better known as an Alpha Male.
There are so many misconceptions on what an Alpha male is, but it's not somebody who hits girls or treats them like dirt.
That's just an asshole which is only a step up from a Beta male.
An Alpha male is so much better than both those guys.

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