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If You Hate Cutting Your Dog"s Nails, You Are Not Alone

If you're anything like me, you hate to clip your dog's nails.
It is a highly stressful chore for me because I am so fearful that I will hurt my baby accidentally.
When my chocolate lab Cocoa was a pup, I tried to clip her nails and when she pulled her paw forward and back, I clamped down on the clipper and got way to close causing her to bleed.
She cried out in pain and I felt like the worst person ever.
I vowed from that moment on that I would never clip her nails again, and I haven't to this day.
Now, I realize that a lot of people do this for their dogs every single day and never have a problem.
But, it's a personal choice and one that I will not do because I get too freaked out.
There is something that came on to the market that seems like a new gadget for dog owners but has actually been around for quite some time.
It is a nail grinder and it is a fabulous invention.
The nail grinder was initially used in higher end dog salons as it was relatively expensive to own for a business but these days, it is quite commonplace to have a grinder in every shop and you can now purchase a home model at a fraction of the salon price.
The grinder works just as it sounds.
Instead of cutting the dog's nail and leaving it splintered and with sharp edges, the grinder uses a high-powered motor with an emery board type of surface and when placing the dog's nail into a small hole, grinds the nail down as it spins leaving a nice smooth and much shorter nail in its place.
It's fast, pain-free for the dog and much more effective in the long run.
The minute I heard I could take my Cocoa to my local PetSmart Grooming salon and in less than 10 minutes, could have her nails short, smooth and beautiful for under $11.
00, I jump at the chance every time she needs a trim.
It is so worth the money and with no heartache or worry that I will ever hurt her again.
Now, that's peace of mind.

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