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When you want to have your tax return papers processed by overseas providers, there are several service providers you can choose from. One of the leading outsourcing company is Books2Taxes.Com, which offers tax preparation outsourcing assistance. If you want to get your tax returns done in India, this firm will do the job for you.

The idea of providing outsourced tax preparation services started about 5-6 years ago; and has become increasingly popular ever since. Recently, there have been many accounting agencies choosing to avail of an outsourcing tax preparation help for various reasons. For one, this service allows accounting agencies to reduce the costs of operation. What is more, it helps them increase the efficiency of their job. Plus, they are able to rise above the competition; what with the huge amount of assistance that they are able to offer to their own clients.

There are a lot of benefits which you can get from the outsourcing tax preparation to Books2Taxes. One of these is the chance to minimize your costs for your own tax preparation operations. You will be able to cater to the needs of your customers quickly. In turn, your customer service will improve. The normal turnaround duration of Books2Taxes runs from one to two business days. You are offered with flexible help options in order for you to comply with the specifications of your work. When you turn to Books2Taxes, your tax data is guaranteed to be secure and confidential.

Books2Taxes.Com is capable of offering outsourcing tax preparation help because it utilizes top software brands such as Creative Solutions, Lacerte, ProSeries, ATX, Drake, and other software applications which are appropriate for working with taxes and are used by CPA firms in USA. Whether you are in a partnership or working for a corporation, you can avail of the services of When you are a simple homeowner, you can get preparation assistance for your Form 1040; 1040A; 1040EZ; and 1040NR. If you own a business, you can avail of tax preparation services for your Federal Forms 1120 and 1120S. The organization also offers assistance for non-profit taxes like Form 990. All state and franchise taxes are included as well. Apart from these, there are plenty of other tax planning help which you can avail at Books2Taxes.

The outsourcing tax preparation assistance of the organization is offered in two methods. One is done through remote desktop; while the other is provided through local software updates. When you opt for the first service option, you need to scan your documents and upload these to the server of the organization. Or else, you can fax the documents to a toll-free number. Then the tax prepare at outsource connects to your PC through a remote desktop application. That's it - you will be able to get the prepared tax return that you need the next day.

If you prefer the other option, which is through the local software; you have to go through the same initial step. You will have to scan your documents and have these uploaded at the server of Books2Taxes. You can also choose to fax the papers to the toll-free number of the organization. The second step calls for the use of Books2Taxes' own tax preparation software licenses. Once it is done, you can just download your tax return from the secure servers with the latest updates along with the notes / open items for the prepared tax return.

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