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A Simple Statement - Being and Staying Organized is Easy

Its simple to be organized the trick is to stay that way effectively and efficiently.
If anyone can come in and take over what your are doing with little assistance your organized.
The term, an organized mess is really just a mess! Everyday there is something new to do or take care of.
Do all the steps, that way you do not have steps or piles of things to go back to.
Moving forward is what you want and need.
Understand that being organized means, anyone who walks in your house or business can find anything that is needed to complete a task in a timely manor.
Efficient organization is the key.
The system you set up, needs to make since.
You must have a desire to be organized, think about others; you are not the only employee or family member using the space.
Keeping an open mind, only benefits you.
A willingness to learn is a must.
You should have the mind set that there is always a better way.
Make no excuses for disorganization, schedule a time to finish.
I will get to it tomorrow should never cross your mind.
Disorganization and piles happen because of excuses and not following through with every aspect of the job.
Last but not least, make smart decisions.
You can not keep every thing or have every product out there.
If you do not take your space and time issues in account when making a decision you can not be organized.
If you can not do it yourself do not be afraid to ask for help.

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