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How to Save Your Marriage - 3 Terrible Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid in Stopping a Divorce

OK - you see your marriage crumbling; but want to stop your divorce.
Your spouse said it's over, and you want to learn ways on how to save your marriage.
But you need to know what you should EXACTLY avoid to do.
These are very important, because most spouses in troubled marriages do these things and expect to save their marriage; but in the end all they accomplish is to make the divorce even more painful.
"I must do everything quickly and fix my marriage as soon as possible!" This is a "gut instinct" which I unfortunately know too well.
When your spouse wants a divorce for a certain reason, you want it to be repaired as soon as possible.
But what you should know is that you are in a marriage and that certain issue has built over some time.
So it's not possible to fix it right away with just an action.
It's very important that  you actually understand what your spouse is talking about - what the problem is; and then deal with the problem in a thoughtful manner, not in a gut instinct.
"I should suggest my spouse to separate for a short time and have time to think.
This way I'll postpone the thoughts.
" Unfortunately, you should definitely avoid this as well if you want to save your marriage.
If your spouse needs time to think, you can provide it by simply not being together for every hour of the week.
You don't need to live at different places as it will prepare both of you for more individuality, which works against your marriage.
"I should beg to my spouse.
" This is the exact gut feeling I had when my husband said he wanted a divorce.
If you say "I'm very sorry! I promise this will never happen again, I will change!" that will do nothing to save your marriage and will further damage your credibility; as it will establish the fact that you're sorry not for making the mistake; but for that it caused your marriage trouble.
You have to sincerely understand the problem and deal with it in a credible way - do not lie that you are sorry when you're sorry for not the mistake but for the negative effects it had on your marriage.

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