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What"s Your Job?

In an English conversation class, everyone usually asks this question: "What's your job?" This is not something to brag about but something the class can share especially that many students are working students, and some are professionals studying and practicing a second language.
Here's the line of occupations ( picked at random): 1.
Doctor - A doctor treats ailment.
He/She must have a license to practice medicine; a learned man.
Jose Rizal is a national hero of the Filipinos.
He treated the cataract of his mother.
Priest - One called to be a servant of GOD and of the people; celebrates the Eucharist; a holy apostle.
Hannibal, pray for us.
Send O Lord, holy apostles into Your church.
Hannibal Mary Di Francia is the patron saint of priests, vocations, and holy workers.
Teacher- A teacher is also called an educator.
One who trains an individual to develop skills, talents, and personality; A teacher must be a good example to his/her students; in a teacher's heart, he deems his pupils as his own children; a noble work.
Jesus Christ when he became man taught humanity.
He was a teacher.
Engineer- An engineer is an expert who plans, builds and designs.
Computers and technology are results of engineering inventions/design.
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the cable cars, and power plants are examples of engineering projects.
Trader - A merchant; a businessman.
A trader buys and sells.
He/She offers products/ services to consumers.
Police officer - The police officermaintains peace and order.
He cuffs the criminal.
Farmer - A farmer plows the field.
He grows crops / food; agriculturist.
A famous saying goes, "You will reap what you planted.
" 8.
Carpenter - Someone who builds houses; the job of constructing/construction.
Saint Joseph was a carpenter.
In the 19th century (Loretto Chapel, Sta.
Fe, New Mexico, USA) was built a "Miraculous Stairway.
" This mystery of over 130 years attracted around 250,000 visitors every year.
There was a belief in Sta Fe that the carpenter was St.
Driver- A professional driver; one who drives an automobile and brings people to destinations/ places; the engineer of a ship, plane, bus, car, carriage, horses, trains, et.
Manager - Administrator; a skilled person who guides, controls, and directs; the bank manager, the office manager, the hospital administrator.
As the Bible goes we are all parts of one body.
One cannot function well without the other.
One person is best at being a doctor, one being a student, one being a parent, one being a trader, one being a priest, one being a farmer.
Each has something to share so others can benefit ( money comes only the next to maintain needs).
It is not just getting paid and acquiring wealth.
A job/work is serving.
It is something more than money.
It is going an extra mile and living a role in life.
"What's your job?" Rose Flores - Martinez Rosevoc2 Ishallwrite

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