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We Want to Live and Stay Healthy by Eating a Raw Food Diet

Have you wondered why people get cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and so many more diseases?  I'm sure you've had a loved one very sick or perhaps passed away from cancer or heart disease.  Think about the foods we eat and the pharmaceutical drugs the doctors push on us.

Most foods we eat have chemicals in them as well as the pharmaceutical drugs. They both cause side effects, illness and in some cases; even death. Our bodies were meant to be a strong foundation to live on this wonderful planet that God created for us, but in the world as we know it today, our bodies are weak and very under-nourished.

We want to live and stay healthy by eating a raw food diet. When the foods are cooked, they lose vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Humans and animals are made of cells, water and muscle and must have the proper nutrients to survive. When the body is starved of these things, it breaks down the immune system causing the cells to die which in turn causes disease and sickness.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz was a young man in his early twenties when his body was breaking down causing terminal cancer. He created the raw food diet with unique recipes and 40 some years later, he is in vibrant health.  His body doesn't crave the nutrients it once starved for.

The raw food is loaded with all the nutrients and enzymes the body will ever need. No supplements are necessary.  You need raw milk, raw cheese, and raw eggs, but you must prepare them properly.  Most people notice a difference in their energy level, their skin and hair and mental attitude in one to two days.  Sickness and disease vanish with Aajonus raw food diet.

There are numerous diets on the market and you must wonder if any of them ever work. You might lose a few pounds, but all the nutrients in the diet foods are killed off. What good is it to lose weight if the food you're eating is going to make you sick?

The celebrity box food diets are all processed with toxins and chemicals and a person can lose the weight, just to pack it back on again. You have to keep eating their foods to keep from gaining the weight back. There's an old saying" If you shop around the perimeter of the grocery store, you'll eat much healthier foods.

There are the fresh veggies and fruits, then the deli department, then milk, cheese, butter and eggs, then the meat department. That's the kind of foods we need to eat if we want to live and stay healthy.

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