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5 Big Reasons You Should Be Choosing a Dog Immune Booster For Your Pets Health

The number one reason is diet.
Today's commercial food is lacking in many nutrients.
The food is cooked or rendered to the point of absolutely no nutritional value.
Do you know where most of the food comes from that is in name brand products? You really don't want to know because you would find it disgusting.
I will tell you that some of it comes from euthanized animals! Number two is stress.
Believe it or not our pets get stressed when we leave for work or if something new is happening in the house; new baby, relationship, new home.
Most anything that stresses us can stress our pets.
Also if we feel stressed the dog can sense this.
A dog immunity boost will lessen this stress.
Number three are toxins in the yard, house or contaminated food.
Remember how many animals ate contaminated food and became very ill? Although it does not always make the news it happens all the time.
Number four is the increase in dog diseases.
Now the new belief among vets is the fact that the food is actually causing these same diseases us humans have; arthritis and diabetes being the top two.
We have done our canine friends such an injustice in feeding them the same type of food we eat.
In that, it contains over processed ingredients and things like cereal fillers that their digestive systems really cannot process.
Number five; lack of exercise.
This is another one of those problems that our pets are doing without mainly because we must work and have our own exhausting schedules which leave us tired at the end of the day.
So if your pet is stuck in the house or yard all day and does not receive daily exercise they could use a dog immune booster.
If you both get out at the end of a long day you'll both benefit.
There are many vitamins and herbs available for a dog immune booster and many are the same we would use like vitamin C and E.
Some of the best products are herbs to give your pet the ultimate dog immunity boost power for health; compounded formulas developed specifically for the purpose of increasing resistance to disease and made by experienced professionals following strict standards.

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