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Metal Detectors - Getting the Best Out of Them Simply by Listening

Traditionally our eyes are the most important factor in sending information to our brain yet when it comes to getting the best out of your detector it is our ears that take the top spot so it is important that you set up your detector so you can make the most of your ears.
One great tip to set up your detector is to sit in the dark or even simply close your eyes and using a test object, pass it under your coil and fine tune your tone control.
Listen carefully as you move your test nugget further away and you will find the setting that sounds the best and clearest to you.
Experiment with the threshold and volume control.
This will help you when out in the field.
There are many sounds that your metal detector will make whilst you are out in the field and its important to full understand how they work to maximize your experience These factors below should be practiced in a controlled environment as to better understand how your metal detector "talks" to you.
Sound quality Is the sound loud, distorted, faint, short and sharp, is the sound broad, does it rise, does it fall, does it break up, does it repeat? Sound shape Is the sound concentrated in the one central area or is it long and narrow, or is it over a wider area? Sound repeatability Is the sound heard consistently with every sweep and from all directions? Sound relativity Is the sound proportional to the target size? Practice listening to how your metal detector "talks" to you under different situations and you will find yourself with less frustrations and more enjoyment when out in the field.

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