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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles and Chronic Red Eye

    • 1). Identify the cause of your dark circles and red eyes. In some people, these problems are caused by lack of sleep or using the computer too much. However, it could be due to allergens, including milk or the pesticides on fruits and vegetables, or due to water retention. Some people are just more genetically prone to puffy eyes.

    • 2). Eliminate the cause of your problem. If you can find a cause, work to improve your situation. For example, you could try to get more sleep or pay closer attention to your diet.

    • 3). Use natural solutions to get rid of dark circles and red eyes. Natural solutions involve cooling the eye area. One way to do this is to boil a tea bag, then let it cool and place it on your eye. You can also use slices of cucumber or simply a cool rag.

    • 4). Try over-the-counter solutions. Apply an anti-inflamatory eye cream under your eyes. Eye drops can help to get rid of red eyes.

    • 5). Talk to your doctor if the problem persists. When you've exhausted both natural and over-the-counter remedies, there may be a deeper problem.

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