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Quinny Zapp Buggy - Is it Worth Your Money? (A Pushchair Review)

Here is a review of the popular 3 wheeler pushchair, the Quinny Zapp baby stroller.
This pushchair comes in a wide range of colours.
It's trendy, lightweight and compact.
Maneouverability is no problem and if you purchased it with a Maxi Cosi Cabrio car seat, it becomes a complete Travel System.
Quinny Zapp Baby Stroller: The Pros The Quinny Zapp is great for having fun around town with your baby.
With its easy to push and steer quality it's the best way to travel.
Quinny Zapp pushchair is convenient to store away and will not eat up so much space in your car.
It is very lightweight and compact, no problem carrying the baby stroller when you need to go up and down the stairs, and a major plus when you need to take public transport.
Unlike some baby pushchairs brands with cumbersome brakes, Quinny seems to have got their brakes well sorted.
The brakes of the Zapp stroller are very simple to engage and to release, although the pushchair uses one pedal for each function.
Other noteworthy Pros:
  • It has long padded straps.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • The best choice to acquire for city dwellers and a great holiday travel companion.
Quinny Zapp Baby Stroller: The Cons The Quinny Zapp is not that flexible.
The one seat position feature can be a hassle if your baby likes to sleep in the baby stroller.
It may also pose a problem for taller people or couple with massive height differences as the handle cannot be adjusted.
Probably the biggest let down is the fact that doesn't come with a shopping bag.
If you want one, you will have to buy one separately.
You're not advised to use the handles for hanging bags on either as this will tip the baby stroller.
It is recommended to buy the Maxi Cosi Carbio car seat and buggy to allow the stroller to become a full Travel System.
The pushchair is more suitable for 6 months onwards and if you want to get it for your newborn, getting it as a travel kit will be the best option.
The hood doesn't give much protection from the sun's rays, but it has a viewing window so you can check up on your baby.
Conclusion You can buy the Quinny Zapp as a second stroller.
It may not be as versatile, but it is still great to take with you for weekends and vacations abroad.

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