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Normal Kennel Cough Symptoms - 7 Ways to Relieve Your Dog

It is good to know that normal kennel cough symptoms can be treated with some home loving care.
 When you dog gets kennel cough he will be very uncomfortable because of the persistent cough.
   He may stay awake at night and you might not get much sleep either, but aside from this, there is no cause for alarm.
  When dogs get normal kennel cough symptoms their throat gets very irritated, that is why they cough so much.
 As air passes through their throat, it will produce this incessant cough.
 So you can offer as much relief as possible while they are going through this.
 Here is what you can do for your dog.
  • Give him some honey to sooth his throat.
     1 teaspoon 3 times a day is the recommended dosage.
     If the dog will not take the honey you can use a dropper to give it to him or mix it in his water.
  • If the cough is too severe you can use pediatric Robitussin.
     A small dosage will sooth the inflammation in his throat.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide not only to sterilize his bowls, but also to put some drops in his water.
     Mix 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide (3%) into 8 ounces of water.
  • Give your dog vaporizing treatments.
     The humidity will relieve his throat and make him feel better.
  • Give him some vitamin C.
     This will help his immune system to fight off the disease.
  • Reduce his level of activity.
     Even though he may appear to be as active as usual, it is good to lower his activity so his body can better fight the disease.
  • Give him wet food instead of dry food.
     It will be easier on his throat.
There are many natural home remedies that you can find to treat your dog for normal kennel cough symptoms other than treating him with chemicals which threaten their immune system and shorten their lives.
Unfortunately, the bordetella vaccine, which is used to prevent kennel cough, is very toxic and harmful to our dogs.
 And so are many other medications which are used by the animal health care industry.
 Most of the prescribed medications treat one illness while severely damaging the dog's vital organs and his immune system.
Many people are learning how to treat normal kennel cough symptoms as well as many other illnesses through homeopathic methods which are so much better for our dogs.
 They build the dog's immune system and make him healthier to prevent getting many diseases.

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