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India The Most Preferred Destinations In The World Adventure Lovers

India is one of the most preferred destinations in the world for adventure travel and tourism. Here beauty attracts adventure lovers and travelers worldwide with a host of adventure sports trekking in the bone breaking extension of the majestic Himalayas white ice rafting in the waters of the Ganges chatty and charming and its tributaries and safaris exciting in the dense forests of national parks.

India is the land of diversity. Here you will find language, culture, religion and geography that change after every few kilometers. From the high mountains of the Himalayas to the back waters of Kerala, India is a land of unparalleled natural beauty. The desert of Rajasthan to the hills of northern nature has provided this in India with the best. This natural regulation of India offers unlimited opportunities for tourism tourist adventure.

The great mountains of the Himalayas in the north the top of India offers grand break for trekking and mountaineering. The rivers of Himachal Pradesh are ideal for rafting. The dense forests of India are ideal for safari and observe rare animals and birds. Vast deserts of Rajasthan are famous for Camel Safari. India, with its endless options is a must in every affair of people list.

Rafting in India especially in the river Ganges is one of the most popular tours of India. This tour takes you to New Delhi, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Rudraprayag. The trip will give you a package that will include hiking in the mountains and camping. Rafting on the river Ganges is the most exciting part of the trip. You will be provided with all safety equipment and then you can venture into the mainstream of the river for rafting. During the trip you will also have the opportunity to visit the most famous tourist spot all these places. You can shop in small markets in these areas and get some clothes from high quality wool for you and your family.

An adventure trips India especially to Ladakh is famous for its unique nature and peaceful surroundings. Located in the upper north of India, Ladakh is a very beautiful and quiet. It is surrounded by high mountain peaks and is cold all year round. The mountains and streams of the rivers in Ladakh is the idea for trekking, camping and river rafting. Darcha-Padum Trek along the Zanskar valley is popular with tourists. It is a four-day trek during which pass through beautiful countryside, the peaks of bronze and ancient monasteries. Spituk Kharu expedition river rafting is also very famous. The river's name means "out of the lion's mouth" and the river rafting is similar like entering a lion's mouth, because it is very exciting. An adventure trip to the dense forest is a must for all tourists affair.

Best of Corbett is an adventure tour like that will confer you the opportunity to visit the densest jungles of India, which is full of rare wildlife. You can stay in the guest house of the forest and go on safari in a jeep or elephant. During the safari you can observe rare animals and birds such as lions, tigers, rhinos, etc enjoy camping in the woods. Sitting around the bon-fire and make your own barbecues while the sounds of various animals and birds fill the air. Enjoy nature at its best, without a mixture of artifice.

India gives you ample number of options to choose from for your dream adventure tours India. Trekking, camping, river rafting, mountaineering or safari whatever your take is India is the ideal destination for you to come. Rejuvenate yourself during your adventure tours to India. Come to India and see for yourself that the beauty and nature of India has no parallel in the world.

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